Looking after Wincobank Hill

Wincobank Hill is a rare example of a Neolithic hill fort inside a city boundary. This aerial photograph shows the oval shape of the ramparts sandwiched between the Sandstone Estate on the left and the Flower Estate (now replaced by the new Amaranthus development) on the right. The light square at the bottom marks the site of Parkin's Tower commonly known as Wincobank Castle. For centuries, well-worn pathways have criss-crossed the hill, connecting communities, weaving histories. 

The line of the Roman Ridge runs diagonally across the top left hand corner of this photograph by-passing the hillfort and runing on to Mexborough.  It is thought to have been either a boundary marker or a defensive ditch rather than a roadway although undoubtedly there was a pathway runnng alonside it as can just be seen in this photograph. The land just beside and above the reservoir to the top left of the photo is still at risk from the bulldozers.  Please see the
Sandstone Road page of this website for more details.

Our campaign is to preserve this neglected site for the enjoyment of all, to protect it from further development and to discourage illegal dumping and damage from motorcycles.  We want to explore the history, protect the pathways, conserve the wildlife, reconnect the communities. 

If you haven't been here, you are missing a treat.  When next you are passing Sheffield on the M1 just look up at the hill north of Meadowhall Retail Centre.  That's where we are.  The hill is just three minutes from the motorway - at the gateway to Sheffield.   Set your sat nav to S9 1AE, drive to the brow of the hill then walk up the brick track by the Poetry Pillars. At the crown of the hill you will find the remains of the Iron Age Fort, a perfect place to break your journey and gaze out across the Don Valley and South Yorkshire. Spread the word ...  Join us - we need your help.