We are sorry to inform you that a fresh planning application has been submitted by Investates to build 22 semi-detached houses on a thin ridge of land at the end of Sandstone Drive, between Sandstone Drive and Beacon Road.  This land has long considered to be a section of the Roman Ridge as it runs between to recognised sections one of which is a Scheduled Monument.  New material has been commissioned by the developers that calls into question the position of the yet undiscovered remains  and a speculative theory suggests that these could already have been destroyed by previous development.  Our position remains unchanged and if anything we are more determined to fight any further development of the hill to prevent further loss of archaeological evidence.  The site in question has been neglected for nearly 20 years, had been used as a dumping ground fro building material and is now covered in Knotweed making a definitive investigation difficult but local knowledge from a settled communities identifies this as part of  "the Riggs"  acontinuous path along the Roman Ridge through open land that has been in daily use until partially obstructed by the developer..  The full details of the planning application and the portal for online comments can be found here:  22 new houses on the Roman Ridge
The History of the Battle for Roman Ridge
In January 2013 the government Planning Inspector dismissed the appeal by the developers who haad been previously refused permission by Sheffield City Council to build on the line of the Roman Ridge just below Wincobank hillfort,  

In his Appeal Decision statement Mr Colin Ball, Inspector commented that the Roman Ridge "may be one of the most significant examples of ancient linear land division in Britain."
Read the full statement here:  DECISION.pdf      Many thanks to all for your support.

Although on 2 July 2012 Sheffield City Council turned down the planning application for houses on the side of Wincobank Hill, the land owner has  appealed to the Planning Inspectorate to overturn that decision. 
Well over 1,000 people have signed the electronic petition and posted considered comments as to why the decision of the City Council should be upheld and this stretch of land retain its open space designation.
Sheffield City Council Planning Committee refused planning permission for the following reasons: 
The Local Planning Authority consider that the proposed development would involve the loss of an open space area which the local community consider to be of high quality with heritage and ecological merit and is valued and well used by people living in the local area. For these reasons the proposal is considered to be Contrary to Policy CS47 (parts b and c) of the adopted Sheffield Development Framework Core Strategy.
2. The Local Planning Authority consider that the proposed development may result in damage to a significant prehistoric archaeological site and further erode the setting of a Scheduled Ancient Monument. For this reason the proposal is considered to be contrary to Unitary Development Plan Policy BE22

Friends of Wincobank Hill support the council's decision because we believe this site to be part of the Roman Ridge earthwork which stretches across South Yorkshire from Sheffield to Mexborough. At Sandstone Road this Monument passes within 200 metres of the British hill fort on the crown of Wincobank Hill.   To find out more about the enigmatic ancient earthwork (which is not Roman), click here Roman Ridge .

Archaeological investigations to date have been inconclusive and the developer's archaeological evaluation concluded that it was unlikely that the Roman Ridge ran through the site.  We have great respect for the archaeologists who have been involved in this work but we have submitted evidence to support the view that this is the line of the Roman Ridge and that it should be preserved. 

Local residents feel strongly that this land is a valued and well-used amenity as well as an integral part of Wincobank Hill. We are a community based organisation and we will do our utmost to protect this land and its wildlife.