Allez Wincobank!  
The Tour de France came up our way on Sunday 6th July 2014

Jenkin Road is the steepest climb in the entire Tour de France 2014 with a 33% gradient to test the world champions.  Why is the road so steep and uninviting?  Because it is the defensive approach to the Iron Age Hillfort, a point entirely missed by the world's media.

Not to worry - 10,000 visitors who made it up the hill to Wincobank Common got the message and many visited the beautiful art installation: Queen Cartimandua's Roundhouse, constructed by Heeley City Farm with the help of children from five local schools who painted the wall panels with beautiful Celtic patterns.

The children's Land Art design of a Celtic torque entwined in an iron wheel laid out on the grass in eco friendly woodchip made a great impression not only on the visitors but on the landscape as it will hopefullly leave an imprint on the grass which will last for a while to come.

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